Changing the cost 12/6/2015

Hi all,

First, thanks for your thoughtful feedback to the earlier emails about the need to raise the fees for the fat swim.  I really appreciate all your ideas and support.

Second, will you share this with any lists you are on so that members of the Making Waves community see it?

Effective Sunday, December 6, there will be a new fee structure for the fat swim.  This change is an attempt to balance the needs of our community members with the need to fund the swim sufficiently so that Frances no longer needs to underwrite the costs.

Quick reminder:  the pool costs $130/week and there is an insurance cost of about $15/week (although  it is paid quarterly).  So the swim needs to bring in an average of $145/week.  Fifteen women paying $10 would cover the costs.

The new fee structure will be as of Sunday 12/6/15

Single time cost: $6 – 20. Please pay as much as you are comfortable paying.  (Frances,who knows this community very well, feels very committed to keeping the low end of the scale at $6.) The 10-time ticket becomes a convenience, not a money-saver, so cost is $60 – $200.  (New tickets only.)  The new fee structure will start as of 12/6, and will be evaluated after 3 months. Has the shortfall been eliminated? Any chance the swim has built up a little financial cushion?

Any member of the fat swim community who wants to do some special fund-raising outreach or activities should feel free to do so. (Maybe just let Frances know what…) Frances is not available to take on any more swim-related work than what she is currently doing. She would, however, be happy to accept donations from anyone who wants to provide extra financial support to the swim.

Thanks again for all your input.  Looking forward to seeing you in Albany some Sunday.

Judith Stein

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