Fat Swim needs your help to stay alive

Dear members of the Making Waves community,

Please help us spread this information by sharing this email with other members of the fat swim community.

Recently Frances White, fat swim coordinator extraordinaire, has suffered some serious health issues. While we hope she’ll be back at the swim in the future, her illness leaves a big fat gap in how we keep the swim going. Clearly we need more than one (heroic, ultra-competent) person to maintain the swim over time. 

The two of us (Lin Wilkerson and Judith Stein) would like to convene a Making Waves Coordinating Committee comprised of 4-5 women who will commit to this role for at least six months.   We have also identified some specific tasks that can be done by women who might not have time or inclination to be on the Coordinating Committee.   Please read on, think about how you might want to help keep the fat swim alive and let Lin and I know your interests by January 4. And if we’ve left off some key task, please let us know that as well.

We think we can get the Coordinating Committee up and running with one initial meeting and then (hopefully) we can conduct most of our business via email or telephone. We’d suggest at least one more meeting at the six-month mark just to see how the Coordinating Committee is working and to make any needed improvements.

 Re: swim fees – if you’ve attended the swim in the past weeks and not been able to pay anyone, please set aside the fee to pay at the Jan 9 swim.  Lin or Judith will be happy to take your money!

 Re: swim dates – the Albany Pool will be closed December 27 and January 3. First 2016 swim will be January 9.

Thanks, in advance, for keeping our fat community resource alive and thriving.

Lin (lwilkerson75@yahoo.com510-639-7872 and Judith (Judith_stein@comcast.net510-969-7991 

Making Waves Coordinating Committee members:

  • Responsible for the overall functioning of the fat swim
  • Initial term could be 6 months (renewable) for two women and 1 year (renewable) for 2 women. This will create a staggered rotation for good continuity.
  • Ideally, at least one MWCC member will be at the swim each week and will be responsible for collecting money.
  • Attend MWCC meetings. FIRST MEETING: Sunday January 9 1:15 (Location tbd, somewhere near the swim)

If you want to be part of the Coordinating Committee but can’t meet on Jan 9, just let Lin and Judith know.

 Specific areas of responsibility for MWCC members or others:


  1. Become authorized signer on MWCC checking account (2 members)
  2. Coordinate collection of fees (from other MWCC members or swimmers); make bank deposits
  3. Pay Albany Pool and insurance bills as needed
  4. Maintain bank records and track balance
  5. Advise other MWCC members and members of the fat swim community about the swim’s financial health

Please note: Lin has started the process of becoming authorized on the Fat Swim checking account.


  1. Responsible for coordinating with Albany Municipal Pool
  2. Responsible for sharing information via various mailing list of changes in swim schedule and other fat swim business

Insurance – maintain active account with required insurance(Currently being done by Elaine Lee. Thanks!)

 Mailing Lists etc. (Please let Lin/Judith know if there are others.)

Lin Wilkerson lwilkerson75@yahoo.com
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1 Response to Fat Swim needs your help to stay alive

  1. Lindy Tuttle says:

    Thanks fir letting me know- I haven’t attended yet but intend to start mid- January pending the approval of my dr and chiropractor Lindy Tuttle

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