YOUR help still needed to keep Fat Swim alive

Thanks to everyone who donated to the fat swim. We raised over $900 so far, which will help us pay the pool for a few months. (Each month costs ~$600.)

Now we need your help to insure that the fat swim is sustainable.

If you believe the fat swim is still a vital resource for Bay Area fat women, then your help is essential.

  1. Join the Coordinating Committee – we meet every few months, have a moderate amount of email communication in between. Initial commitment would be for one year.
  2. Become part of a fund-raising group to consider new ideas to keep the swim alive. You could work on one particular event, or be part of a group that evaluates possible changes to the swim. Some ideas we’ve heard include having music at the swim, sometimes (or always) opening the swim to all genders of fat people, having 1st Sundays be for any gender friends/family, looking into becoming tax deductible to get grants.
  3. Make a pledge to donate $X/month. If we can build up a cash reserve, we will be better able to support the lean times.

As always, we need to you come to the swim and to promote the swim to fat women in your circles.

Please contact someone on the Coordinating Committee if you want to help preserve the swim. With help and increased funding we can keep the swim going. We’ll try to report to you again in early July.

Join us!
The Fat Swim Coordinating Committee
Judith Stein
Lin Wilkerson
Elaine Lee
Lynn Ellen Marcus

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1 Response to YOUR help still needed to keep Fat Swim alive

  1. Brody C says:

    Hi thanks foor posting this

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