Update on Fat Swim Pilot

The Making Waves (Fat Swim) Coordinating Committee wants to thank every member of our community who weighed in with comments, questions and criticisms about the changes about who may attend the swim. Please remember that the new attendance schedule is a pilot. We welcome your comments & thoughts any time, but will be evaluating the pilot in an organized way early next year.

We also wanted to let everyone know that while the swim’s finances are OK for the moment, our long-term financial picture remains somewhat precarious. We continue to need good attendance, we always need your generous donations and we hope to hold some kind of fundraising activities in the coming months. We need volunteers to work on outreach and fundraising. If you want to help, please contact anyone on the Coordinating Committee. (We do have contact info given via the survey.)

Finally we want to encourage members of the swim community to join the Facebook group Fat Swimmers. This is a closed group “for fatties everywhere to post about fat-friendly pools, fat-friendly swimming events, and whatever else fat swimmers want to discuss.” Not just for the Making Waves swim, but there has been lots of conversation there about the swim and the upcoming changes.

The pilot starts November 6 with November 13 being the first swim for people (over 200 pounds) of all gender identities. The schedule is on the Fat Swimmers Facebook page and on our website at https://makingwavesswim.com/ The swims start at 11:15; we have the pool until 12:45.

We look forward to seeing you there!
The Fat Swim Coordinating Committee: Judith Stein Judith_stein@comcast.net; Christine Ianieri cmipele@sbcglobal.net; Lynn Ellen Marcus lemarcus@lynnellen.com; Lin Wilkerson lwilkerson75@yahoo.com

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