We are so pleased to invite you to the return of Making Waves (the fat swim!) The Albany pool (1311 Portland Ave, Albany) will be reopening in June and our first Making Waves swim will be Sunday June 20. We hope you can join us for our big fat reopening! 

Making Waves is a volunteer-run weekly swim for all self-identified fat people, held most Sundays throughout the year. Making Waves has been a Bay Area tradition for nearly 40 years. 

Making Waves is a fat-positive space and discussions of dieting or weight loss are strongly discouraged. All self-identified fat people are welcome, alternating between women only and all genders (see Calendar). On the FIFTH Sunday the swim is open to all sizes, all genders, accompanied by a fat person. 

One big change is that the time for the swim has been shifted because of an earlier pool closing on Sundays. New time for the fat swim will be 10:00 to 11:30. We will need to be out of the locker room by 12:00. 

Suggested cost for the swim is $10 with-pay-what-you-can from $6.50 to $20. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please pay in the pool area, not at the front desk. We will take a check if you prefer. And, for convenience, you can buy a 10-pass so you don’t need to carry money each week. 

Please join us as we return to one of the Bay Area’s best fat traditions. 

Fatly yours, Judith Stein for the Coordinating Committee (Susan Goldberg, Lynn Ellen Marcus, Lin Wilkerson)

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