A Bay Area fat community tradition since 1980

A supportive space for fat people to swim, exercise or just hang out.

Where: Albany Aquatic Center, 1311 Portland Avenue, Albany, CA. We have exclusive use of the indoor pool.

When: Sundays, 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

Suggested Fee: $10 (sliding scale from $6 to $20). Please pay in the pool area, NOT at the front desk. Fees pay for the pool rental and liability insurance we are required to have.

Two things that we want everybody to know about the swim.

  1. The swim is OPEN TO ANY GENDER OF FAT FOLKS defined as over 200 pounds.
  2. The indoor pool at Albany is in a LARGE, SPACIOUS, VERY AIRY ROOM and with windows that can be opened to bring in fresh air if swimmers want. It’s not an outdoor pool but the COVID risk is probably very small because it’s so big.


The COVID pandemic brought us to the brink of having to close the swim permanently. We cut the swim to 1 hour to make it more financially viable, and things are going well now but we want to make sure that doesn’t happen again — so we need your help.

So what can you do? 


SECOND, if you’re in a position to, PLEASE DONATE MONEY:

Donations for the fat swim can be sent via Venmo to @makingwavesfatswim

THIRD, SPREAD THE WORD ON SOCIAL MEDIA. If you know social media, help us get our presence out there.

The fat swim has been a Bay Area institution since the mid-1980s. While it’s possible that the swim has outlived the need that created it, we don’t think so. We welcome new swimmers for exercise and play, socializing and support. Please join us.


June 4 (closed for staff training)
September 10 (Solano Stroll)

Pool is also closed on the following dates in 2023:

November 26
December 31