Update on Finances and Frances!

The new Making Waves Coordinating Committee (Lin Wilkerson, Lynn Ellen Marcus, Elaine Lee, Judith Stein) met on January 10. We reviewed and divided up responsibilities for keeping the fat swim afloat. (OK, sorry! I couldn’t pass on that bad pun.) Here are a few quick updates.

  1. Money   At least one of the four of us will be at each swim, so you can give any of us your payment. We should have the blue 10-swim cards with us this Sunday (1/17) in case you want to buy one. Please remember that we have raised the upper suggested limit to $20 per swim (swim cost now $6-20 per session) so be as generous as you can. While Frances often subsidized the swim from her own funds, we won’t be able to do that. We will send everyone a report on finances in a few months to let you know if the swim is bringing in enough money.
  2. Frances Update Frances has moved from the hospital and rehab into an assisted living facility (Rose Gate Assisted Living, 1354 Clarke, San Leandro, 510-483-0150.) Lin saw her recently and found her to be upbeat and in good spirits. Frances tends to enjoy having visitors in case you want to stop by. She is likely to be at Rose Gate indefinitely. I’ll bring the card for Frances to the swim this coming Sunday (1/17) so you can sign it if you didn’t have a chance to do so last Sunday.

OK, that’s it for now. Please share this post with others who might not be on one of the fat swim email lists or Facebook page. And please encourage other fat women to join us on Sundays – this community resource needs the support of our community to continue to thrive.

See you in the pool,

Judith Stein, for the Coordinating Committee


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